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Car glass
Car rims
Car paint
Yachts & Boats
Fire protection wood
Fire protection paper
Fire protection synthetics
Ceramics & enamele
Stainless steell
Textiles & leather
(Window-) glass
Wood, stone & facade
Floor coverings

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nanodeck® top2
Newly developed 2-component-refinement for car windows, glass, ceramics, enamel. Very resistant!
nanodeck® Car glass
Considerably improved sight during rain (day + night).
Water just drips off! Dirt, insects, ice etc. can easily be removed...
nanodeck® Car rims
A new revolutionary aluminum/chrome rims refinement with lasting, dirt- and brake-dust-resistant features...
nanodeck® Car paint
The new dimension of car paint refinement - without polishing.
Insects, dirt, tar can easily be removed "(just) with water"...

nanodeck® Yachts & boats
Once professionally applied the refinement set for yachts and boats saves a lot of labor, since balanidae, bird droppings, pollen, oil, algae, shells and other dirt cannot adhere to the refined surface.
nanodeck® Fire protection wood
This fire protection coating for solid wood, chipboards and timber veneer plywood for the dry interior in accordance with DIN 4102-B1 is water-based and forms an insolating layer.
nanodeck® Fire protection paper & cardboard
The fire protection impregnation for cardboard and paper in accordance with DIN 4102-B1, as well as for straw in the dry interior.
nanodeck® Fire protection synthetics
The near-natural, water-based fire protection impregnation for synthetic fiber fabric and natural fiber/synthetic fiber blended fabric in the interior, e. g. for deco fabrics, curtains and textile wall - and ceiling coverings.
nanodeck® Ceramics & enamel
The "anti dirt and chalk refinement" for all ceramic surfaces in private and industry sectors.
Wall tiles, washbasins, shower, bath tub, bidet, toilette etc...

nanodeck® Stainless steell
No chance for dirt, finger prints, fat and bacteria. GRAS-status!
nanodeck® Textiles & leather
This innovative washing- and ironing-stable fiber protection from the field of nanotechnology protects our clothes from water, dirt and stains.
Absolutely suitable for convertible hoods...
nanodeck® (Window-) glass
The "refinement" for all glass surfaces in- and outside.
Roof windows, windows, patio doors, winter gardens, glass facades, shop windows, solar systems, mirrors etc. can be invisibly protected against bacteria, moss, algae…

nanodeck® Plastics
... and the weather can't harm your plastic surfaces any more.
nanodeck® Wood, stone & facade
The high performance refinement for wood, stone and facades.
UV-resistant, breathable...

nanodeck® Floor coverings
The lasting anti-dirt-refinement for all entry areas, patios and heavily stained (stone) floors...
nanodeck® Anti-graffiti
No chance for "sprayers" thanks to the special non-adhesion refinement!
nanodeck® Anti-fog
For the full view!
For windows, mirrors, car windows, visors ...
(Product is not based on chemical nanotechnology)

All nanodeck® products are high-quality products!

nanodeck® products are high-quality products!


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