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Fire protection wood
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Textiles & leather
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Wood, stone & facade
Floor coverings

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The „value conservation refinement“

… causes frustration among sprayers.

The conservation of a building’s value is a major concern of owners and residents. On the long run these scratchworks become a constructional problem. Varnish paints decrease the diffusivity of the sprayed surface, the material cannot breathe, which frequently results in further damages. 

The removal of the spray attack, however, may even increase the damage: The consequences are paint remainders. Aggressive mechanical procedures or chemicals often severely damage the surface.

A nano-refined surface prevents aerosol paints and varnishes from adhering. The removal of the paint is easy, e. g. possible with a steam injector. 
An effective on the long term, tried and tested concept, which lowers the restoration costs for damaged building stock or affected surfaces.  

No adhesion, no trouble

  • graffiti removal without chemicals
  • invisible and effective long-term protection of buildings
  • significantly less spray attacks
  • easy removal of graffiti

Application: The product is applied in accordance with the enclosed instruction sheet. No previous or specialist knowledge required.


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