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ООО Немецкие инновации является официальным  представителем фирмы „nanodeck®“ на территории России и стран СНГ.

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Meeting highest industrial standards with the nanodeck® quality formula:

Only by using the (unfortunately) expensive raw materials can we offer the most innovative products at present. Research results directly slip into the current production. Every delivered charge is labeled with a certificate (made by quality management representatives). Foresighted research and development as well as efficient production processes, however, allow a fair pricing.

This means:
            maximum durability on surfaces
            product features are not altered to the negative
            prevention of unwanted side effects
            balanced price-performance-ratio

Our philosophy:

A brilliant, innovative technology must not suffer from different interpretations of quality, because - NANO... is not always equal NANO...!

 Not all that is called NANO is always “real” NANO-technology!

Often products based on silicone, oil, polymer, acryl or Teflon application systems are advertised as nano products, because for a limited period of time they produce a repellant effect similar to that of a nano-refined surface. These products and nanotechnology, however, do not have the same father.

Silicone-coatings for example have numerous disadvantages like e.g. an unpleasant smearing effect, because silicone gasifies after a short time. Contrary to the real NANO-technology by nanodeck a surface treated with silicone must be “coated” much more often.

Unfortunately there are also products offered that are "really" nano but are of minor quality as well as products that, as described above, are based on other application systems and are labeled as nanotechnology.
Short durability, limited effect and little resistance to mechanical abrasion are the consequences. This, however, can only be found out after some time, that is when the effect fades - but by then one has already bought the products.
The purchaser understandably is discontented and deceived and ignorantly and wrongfully demonizes the "real nanotechnology". Responsible are some network marketing and multi-level marketing companies that try to make easy money. And every business partner must pay for himself.


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