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ООО Немецкие инновации является официальным  представителем фирмы „nanodeck®“ на территории России и стран СНГ.

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    The “free view refinement” for your car

…instantly repels water from all car windows and removes the dirt with it (lotus effect).  
You always have clear view, even through the edges that the wipers cannot reach.

No wiper required at ca. 40 mph and more!

The refinement has been developed in a way that dirt particles, ice etc. have only minimum contact with the surface.

Ice on windshields can be removed by simply shoving it aside. No more annoying scraping!

Tar splashes, oil, insects and plant resins can easily be removed “just with water”.
Also in persistent cases no abrasive or chemical cleanser is required.

  • 30% better sight during rain (day + night)
  • considerably increased field of view
  • less reflections
  • saves screen wash supplements
  • less wiper blade wear
  • carwash resistant

Info: The Audi A2 has no wiper on the slanted rear window any more. The glass is nanotechnologically refined. In some models Audi also uses nanoparticles in order to prevent reflections on the cockpit instruments.

The product is applied in accordance with the enclosed instruction sheet. No previous or specialist knowledge required.

up to one year or 20.000 miles.


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