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The high performance refinement

… defines a new standard in the outdoor protection.

Self-organizing non-stick components provide an invisible protection with water- and oil-repellant features. The product also has economical and ecological advantages.

Wood, stones and facades have many natural enemies: Moss and algas, exhaust fumes and dust over the time collect on the surface. Especially building materials with porous structures like wood, plaster, brick or sandstone are susceptible. For the prevention of pollutants nanodeck offers an effective – tested over a longer period of time – system which does not fight the consequences, but the cause. 

The invisible, completely biodegradable and also diffusion-open refinement significantly improves water- and oil-resistance and protects component parts without affecting their breathability. It prevents moss, algas, fats, oils, dirt and urine for a long time from sticking to the component parts, since the surface protection (the refinement) hinders intrusion or long-term adhesion. Some (rain) water suffices to restore perfect cleanliness. 

An effective on the long run refinement system which “saves” the cost and time intensive after treatments.

  • significantly reduces re-pollution
  • effective surface protection
  • self-cleaning-effect during rain
  • long lasting protection
  • easy cleaning

The product is applied in accordance with the enclosed instruction sheet. No previous or specialist knowledge required.

ca. 3 years on wood, ca. 10 years on stone/facade.


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