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    The "hygiene refinement"

… makes chalk less frightening.

Ordinary cleansers clean the surface, but they do not sustainably protect from new dirt.

Especially bacteria, fungus and mould require permanent cleansing.

Enjoy the advantages of a freshly cleaned bathroom significantly longer and reduce time and energy needed for cleaning to a minimum.
At the same time you protect the environment, because chemical cleanser becomes redundant.

Toothpaste, cosmetics, (beard) hears, soap remnants in the sink can be as easily flushed away “just with water”, like feces in the toilet.  

Chalk stains and urine scale are drastically reduced and even prevented at all.
The additional oil- and fat-repellant features considerably reduce unpleasant odors. Hygiene is significantly improved. 

  • optimal hygienic conditions
  • GRAS-status
  • less unpleasant odors
  • significantly saves time and effort
  • cleaning just with water
  • „easy-to-clean“ effect
Application areas: For hygienic areas in retirement homes, hotels, hospitals, kitchens, gastronomy, ...

Application: The product is applied in accordance with the enclosed instruction sheet. No previous or specialist knowledge required.

several months.


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