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    The “always clean refinement” for your rims

…gives road salt and brake dust no chance.

Burnt in brake dust and road salt are the “worst enemy” of every rim. Even the most expensive special cleansers of highest quality have difficulties removing this “enemy”, but they cannot make already existing damages invisible.

Do not let it come so far.

Experience the impressive feature of refined with nanodeck rims. Self-organizing, microscopically small nanoparticles provide your rims with a lasting protection with dirt-repellant features – also in the most persistent cases. 

Dirt like tar, oil, salt and brake dust can easily be removed just with water.
Forget time-consuming and exhausting cleaning procedures. Most times it just needs a shower or a drive through the rain and your rims are shining again.
No more expensive cleansers required!

  • no more burning in of brake dust
  • road salt resistant
  • easy to clean
  • for all light metal, chrome and steel rims
  • in no way affects the appearance
  • saves expensive rim cleansers

Application: The product is applied in accordance with the enclosed instruction sheet. No previous or specialist knowledge required.


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