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The term "Nano" is derived from Greek (nánnos), means "dwarf" and is used short for one billionth. The metric system defines nano as the billionth of a meter (10-9 m = 1 nm = 1 millimicron). A nanometer equals a piece of metal with the length of four individual atoms next to each other and is ca. 2,000-times thinner than a human hair. The nanocosmos thus is located in the realm of individual atoms and molecules.
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In the nanocosmos, nothing can be seen with an ordinary light microscope, since the wavelength of the visible light is much too "coarse" to reveal the fine nano structures. The nano images in the animation, therefore, were made with the help of a scanning tunneling microscope that scans the surface with a very fine needle and provides three-dimensional data which can be converted into these fabulous pictures.

Nanotechnology, not without good reason is referred to as the key technology of the 21st century, covers all technologies dealing with the production, manipulation and examination of items and structures smaller than 100 nanometers. Contrary to micro technology, nanotechnology is located on a borderline, where, for one thing, surface characteristics as opposed to volume characteristics, of materials gain importance and for another thing quantum physical effects must increasingly be considered.

Quantum physics - what the hell is that? Here's a little thought experiment: If quantum physics also ruled our everyday life, this would be a disaster for all football fans. A ball flying directly into the arms of goal keeper could, with a certain probability, "tunnel through" him, since quantum physics follow totally different rules than our macroscopic world.

Nanotechnology actually is not new; it has been used by nature since the beginning of life, because every cell is a biological nano machine, producing complex structures from the smallest nano parts. Not until than in the last two decades, however, has science managed to intrude into the nanocosmos and steal the one or two secrets.

And what is it all good for?
The applications of nanotechnology have already today conquered almost every area of life, from antirust protection to dirt-resistant bathroom tiles, from car tires to computer chips or from deodorant to therapy methods against brain cancer - learn more about it on the next page.




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